Tickets are going fast

Tickets for our Fall Events are almost gone! Don't miss these events!

Check out the Events page for more details and ticket information.

Final Friday Trivia!

Don't miss our Final Friday Trivia!

The next trivia night is: TBD 7pm!

Having a party?

Have it at our tasting room. We'll reserve the tables and you can decorate and bring food for your party.

Call Arnie @ 717-414-8442 for more details

Winter Hours

Sunday 12 - 5:00


Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 3 - 7:30

Thursday  3 - 7:30

Friday   12 - 7:30

Saturday 12 - 6:00

Jan Zell Wines and Ciders

A Chambersburg Winery

 251 Grant Street Chambersburg, PA 17201